The Curious Case Of Whole Melt Extracts

Our Whole Melt Extract is extracted from  specific strains, fresh frozen cannabis that carries the freshest natural aromas and taste. The Whole Melt Extract Way consists of flash freezing and preserving our beautiful buds that we harvest at peak season to ensure we put the "LIVE in Concentrates ." We then extract our buds at subzero temperatures reaching -90 C. From this process we yield the tastiest terpene profiles which provides a long-lasting full spectrum experience.

Whole Melt Extract , Our Diamond Concentrates are born from premium cannabis buds. Through a specialized process, we crystallize cannabinoids, creating a pure and potent concentrate. This meticulous extraction retains the plant's essence, resulting in Diamond Concentrates a testament to purity and quality. From bud to your vape device, we ensure every step is executed with precision, delivering an unrivaled cannabis experience. Discover the clarity and excellence of the Whole Melt Extract diamond Concentrates today

" Whole Melt Extract or No Melt "